It’s all about the Baby Steps

We all do it.

We jump into something new and hit the ground running, yet we really have no idea about 1) where we are going, 2) what do we do when we get there and 3)why we’re actually doing what we are doing.

It happens with everything. And for me, it’s happening with social media.

Hence the reason for this blog, and by extension this opening post.

Here is what I do know about social media. Facebook is for showing off to “friends” who you haven’t seen since high school or grade school. Myspace is for showing your creative side and discovering/following an eclectic mix of music. Twitter is for talking about anything that you want, albeit in 140 characters or less.

However, Social Media is much, much more than that.

In fact, used in the right way, social media can help you stay connected to people and things that interest you, develop content that is unique to you as a person, and allows you to matter on a different scale than you did before.

So, over the course of the next few months, years, decades (maybe not so much decades), I’ll begin my training camp of sorts with entering into the Social Media realm. Knowing that there is so much more out there than the previously mentioned triumvirate of social media tools, it’s easy to understand why I feel like a rookie.

Hopefully, my journey would provide insights into how publics actually use social media on a variety of scales. And maybe I’ll learn a thing or two.

We shall see.


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